Security Fabric Plus

What does the security fabric do ?

Fundamentally it increases visibility by integrating all the Fortinet products with a restful API, this also give integration with 3rd party products. ( VMwares NSX )

The fabric can help fill the gaps within a customers security / network team

Fabric connectors (partner eco-system) - Integrates with 3rd party (two way collaboration and action (example service now! Fortinet can create a ticket but service now can now quarantine a client))

Share information between products - example fortisandbox can tell all product about an infected host

Topology -

Automation is made easier.

If implemented correctly it should reduces complexity.

Security decision based on content.


we are past the next gen firewall

*Native integration with the security fabric


Secure SD-WAN

dynamic application steering / advanced routing

Zero Trust ZTNA

Fortinet Brings ZTNA to the Fortinet Security Fabric


Forticlient ? offnet

FortiNAC ??




FortiADC Application Delivery Controller



FortiAI Virtual Security AnalystTM

FortiCASB Cloud Access Security Broker

FortiCarrier CGN Gateway

FortiCWP Cloud Security Analytics

FortiDDoS DDoS Mitigator

FortiDeceptor Deception-based Solution

FortiExtender 3G/4G WAN Extender

FortiHypervisor Hybrid Virtual Appliance

FortiInsight UEBA Solution

FortiIsolator Browser Isolation Platform

FortiMonitor NPMD, DEM and IM Systems

FortiProxy Secure Web Gateway

FortiRecorder Network Video Security

FortiSIEM SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

A SIEM application’s primary functions are to collect, normalize, correlate, aggregate, and detect anomalies across a variety of data sources, then notify the appropriate parties when suspicious behaviour is detected or configurable alarms are triggered

FortiSOAR SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response.)

SOAR will pull in information from external emerging threat intelligence feeds, endpoint security software and other third-party sources to get a better overall picture of the security landscape inside the network and out. SOAR takes analytics to a different level by creating defined investigation paths to follow based on an alert.

FortiEDR EDR Solution (Endpoint Detection and Response)

Advanced Endpoint Protection with Automated Detection and Response

FortiXDR: Extended Detection and Response

Fully-automated incident detection, investigation and response across the Security Fabric.

Fortinet EMS

FortiClient Enterprise Management Server (FortiClient EMS) is a security management solution that enables scalable and centralized management of multiple endpoints (computers)

FortiTester Network Tester

FortiToken 2 Factor Authentication Token

FortiVoice Secure VoIP Solution

FortiWLC Wireless Controller

FortiWLM Wireless Manager

FortiXDR Extended Detection and Response



Fortinet is a global leader and innovator in Network Security. Our mission is to deliver the most innovative, highest performing network security platform to secure and simplify your IT infrastructure.

*read this!

Fortinet’s Security-driven Networking strategy tightly integrates an organization’s network infrastructure and security architecture, enabling the network to scale and change without compromising security. This next generation approach is essential for effectively defending today’s highly dynamic environments – not only by providing consistent enforcement across today’s highly flexible perimeters, but by also weaving security deep into the network itself.

SASE (Secure access service edge)

SASE is the future of converged security and networking. From ZTNA, SWG to cloud-delivered NGFW, the Fortinet platform provides complete readiness for embracing SASE


Leveraging the independently certified and acclaimed capabilities of Fortinet FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall combines high-performance SSL inspection and advanced threat detection techniques delivered via the cloud with FortiSASE. Establish and maintain secure connections for distributed users and analyze in-bound and out-bound traffic without impact on user experience.

FWaaS is a firewall solution delivered as a cloud-based service that provides hyperscale, next-generation firewall (NGFW) capabilities, including web filtering, advanced threat protection (ATP), intrusion prevention system (IPS), and Domain Name System (DNS) security.

FWaaS is positioned between your network and the internet. As traffic attempts to enter your network, the FWaaS solution inspects it to detect and address threats. The inspection analyzes the information contained in each data packet, garnering insight into where the packet came from and other behaviors that may signal it is malicious.